Statements of Support

U.S. Congressmember Harley Rouda

“Being a former educator and lifelong advocate for our public schools, Andy Thorburn is the voice that Orange County residents deserve to have represent them on the Board of Education. He knows how to work with diverse interests to get things done and will fight to ensure our tax dollars are not misused. Please join me in supporting Andy Thorburn for Orange County Board of Education District 3”

U.S. Congressmember Mike Levin

“I’m proud to endorse Andy Thorburn for School Board. He’s an experienced, practical problem-solver that I know will fight every day to improve the educational experiences we’re providing for our children, and ensure that they can learn in a safe and supportive environment.”

U.S. Congressmember Katie Porter

"As a fellow educator and proud Orange County mom with kids that go to our public schools, I endorse Andy Thorburn for the Orange County Board of Education. Andy and I both believe that public education is the bedrock of the American Dream and he will work to invest in our public schools, expand access to early childhood education and vocational training, and hold special interests accountable. I need a partner that will fight with me for Orange County teachers, families, and students, and I know that Andy stands with them."

U.S. Congressmember Gil Cisneros

“We need representation on our school boards that listens to and represents our families, students and teachers. As a member of Congress, I have talked to countless voters who view education as a top priority in our country. Locally, we need leaders like former classroom teacher Andy Thorburn to fight for our students. I wholeheartedly support Andy for Orange County Board of Education.”

CA State Senator Connie Leyva

"Given the depth and breadth of his experience as a classroom teacher, a former leader at the American Federation of Teachers, as well as in business, non-profits and organizations like on the board of Planned Parenthood, Andy Thorburn has the background and skills needed to excel on the Orange County Board of Education. He's smart, pragmatic and a leader who will be deeply dedicated to delivering the building blocks of change on the Board of Education to ensure that all students receive a world class education. I'm proud to endorse Andy Thorburn."

CA State Senator Tom Umberg

"Andy Thorburn is a leader who believes that government should be responsive, accountable and efficient. He also believes we need a county where parents can send their kids to school and know that their children will be safe, out of harm’s way, and will get a great education. I'm endorsing Andy Thorburn because these are his priorities, and they're what we need more of on the school board."

CA State Senator Josh Newman (Ret.)

“Andy Thorburn is a serious, smart and proven leader who will be a pragmatic problem solver for Orange County. Just like me, he's a business person who does not waste time on politics as usual. Instead, he will immediately employ his experience to transform the School Board into an effective body that can grapple with our most pressing issues. Andy will get the job done.”

California State Assemblymember Tom Daly

"With his extensive background in education and business, Andy Thorburn is extraordinarily qualified for the Board of Education. I look forward to working with him to find ways we can improve Orange County's schools together and provide a better education and a safer learning environment for our children. He has my full support."

Ocean View School Board Member Gina Clayton-Tarvin

"As a former classroom teacher, Andy Thorburn understands the critical importance of investments in education to help build great neighborhood schools. I'm proud to endorse Andy for Orange County Supervisor because he will be a bold voice for students, parents, teachers and better schools. I know he will bring pragmatism and effective leadership to the Board”

La Habra School Board Member Cynthia Aguirre

“I know what it’s like to be an advocate for students, teachers and families on a school board, and that’s why I am so happy to endorse Andy Thorburn. He has the values and the experience our schools need.”

Fullerton Elementary School District Board Member Aaruni Thakur

“Providing a quality education and a safe place to learn is one of government’s most important responsibilities. It’s a hard job, and it requires smart and capable leaders. That’s why I’m endorsing Andy Thorburn for school board. His background and his temperament make him an excellent choice.” 

Former Democratic Party of Orange County Chair Fran Sdao

“I enthusiastically endorse Andy Thorburn for school board. Andy has the experience as both an educator and as a businessman to be effective on the board from day one, and he has the empathy and progressive values we need more of in Orange County government. I encourage everyone to sign up, make phone calls, and walk door-to-door for Andy Thorburn.”

Irvine Unified School District (IUSD) Trustee Sharon Wallin

“Andy Thorburn will bring a steadfast voice for our public schools to the county Board of Education, and will listen to the needs of teachers across the county. I fully support Andy and his platform of working towards local control, fully funding our public schools and ensuring transparency on our Board of Education.”

Irvine Unified School District Trustee Michael Parham (Ret.)

“As a former candidate for this seat and a long-serving Trustee of the Irvine Unified School District, I understand the importance of prioritizing our children first and foremost. We need leaders who will fight for the interests of our students and our county -- leaders who put the interests of their communities over personal or ideological agendas. Andy Thorburn is the right leader for the job, and I am happy to support him.”

Orange County Board of Education Trustee Liz Dorn Parker (Ret.)

“After serving on the Orange County Board of Education with Andy Thorburn’s opponent for over 14 years before being ousted by over $300,000 of big-interest monies, I understand the importance of having an independent and unwavering voice on our county board to represent the residents of Orange County. Andy Thorburn will work for our teachers, students and public schools and will not be bought out by big-monied interests. He will work to bring back fiscal responsibility and local control. I wholeheartedly endorse him for the Orange County Board of Education.”

Orange County Labor Federation

“Andy Thorburn is a proven fighter for our working families, having stood alongside organized labor his entire life. We need Andy on the Board of Education to protect our public workforce from privatization and ensure safeguards for pensions, and we wholeheartedly support his campaign.”

Newport-Mesa Federation of Teachers, American Federation of Teachers Local 1794

"Classroom teachers proudly support Andy Thorburn for the Orange County Board of Education District 3. As a former classroom teacher and AFT leader, Andy Thorburn has proven himself as someone who is deeply dedicated to improving public schools. We know he will work hard to deliver the building blocks of change to the Board of Education, investing in classrooms - not bureaucracy, expanding STEM course options, extracurricular activities and ensuring that all students receive a well-rounded and world-class education. We are with Andy Thorburn 100%!"

Irvine Educators Association

“Andy Thorburn is an advocate for empowering our students and teachers. His experience as an educator taught him the importance of ensuring our children have access to both a quality STEM and arts education. Andy knows that to prepare our children for the future, we need to offer affordable, quality college and technical training. The Irvine Teachers’ Association is thrilled to endorse Andy Thorburn for Orange County Board of Education.” 

Tustin Educators Association

“As a former teacher, Andy Thorburn understands what it means to advocate for equality, educators, and students. We know that he will fight to guarantee that our schools are a safe community for everyone. The Tustin Teachers’ Association is proud to endorse Andy Thorburn for Orange County Board of Education.” 

Network for Public Education Action

“The Network for Public Education Action is proud to endorse Andy Thorburn for the District 3 seat on the Orange County Board of Education. He supports a moratorium on any new charter schools, and wants to bring existing charters under closer supervision and to hold them to the same standards as public schools. Andy has fought for our public schools his entire life. We hope you will help him take that fight to the Orange County Board of Education.”

Communications Workers of America (CWA) Local 9510

"Andy is the working families advocate we need on the Orange County Board of Education. Our teachers, students and parents need an advocate on the board, and Andy has our full support."

Community Action Fund of PPOSBC

"Andy Thorburn has been a strong advocate for reproductive rights. He has proven time and time again to fight to protect healthcare as a human right and provide women with the freedom to choose. On the Board of Education, he will ensure that schools have age-appropriate sex education. We are proud to support him for the Orange County Board of Education because we know he will put the needs of our children first."


“The members of NUHW are excited to endorse Andy Thorburn because he has been a dedicated and effective voice for working people throughout his entire life. As a former teacher, Andy knows firsthand what needs to be fixed in Orange County schools and will be an effective champion for greater mental health services and healthcare for our students, faculty, and staff.  We know that Andy will be a relentless advocate for students and working families in Orange County, and we’re thrilled to endorse him for Board of Education.”


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