Grassroots Support

Trianna Eichinger - CA39 Volunteer 

"Andy is who I want to represent the 39th district. He cares for the people in this district and will take that to Congress."





Sara Diaz - CA39 Volunteer 

"I believe that progressive reform is the way forward for America, and Andy is the real progressive in this race."





Julio Castañeda - Prominent Latino Activist


If you want a progressive candidate, the most progressive candidate you're going to get is Andy Thorburn.


I am a huge proponent of Medicare For All and Andy has been for it since day one. 



León Cisneros - Prominent Latino Activist

"It is imperative to elect Andy Thorburn to Congress because he is not a politician, but a statesperson. He does something other than politics. He does not engage in the petty negotiating and advocating. He is thinking of more lofty visions and more lasting achievements; in other words, he is thinking of the ‘next generation’ not the next election. He will leave a positive legacy that will last beyond his death."

José Trinidad Castañeda III - Prominent Latino Activist 


"Andy Thorburn actually walks the talk. One reason why his campaign sticks out from the rest is the only campaign in this race to become unionized. We should recognize this as a major win for the labor rights movement." 


Daniel - CA39 Volunteer


"We need to support the most progressive candidate in #CA39, and that's why I am happy to volunteer to elect him to Congress."




Debbie - CA39 Volunteer


"I support Andy because he has a track record of standing up for working people. I know he'll do the same thing in Congress."




Martha - CA39 Volunteer


"I am supporting Andy because he believes in unions and Medicare for All. And that economic justice is a major priority for him."




Women for Andy
  • April Ayala, Diamond Bar

  • Barbara Hatch, Placentia

  • Carmen Miller, La Habra Heights

  • Cindy Martinez, Placentia

  • Florentina Wenderheh, Fullerton

  • Hallow Richardson, La Habra

  • Han Nguyen Mclean, Fullerton

  • Julia Hernandez, La Habra Heights

  • Karen Gerlott, Rowland Heights

  • Kristen Hazama, La Habra

  • Lleene Ayala, Diamond Bar

  • Mariam Galvan, Diamond Bar

  • Martha Leonard, La Habra

  • Marysol Cuadrado, Walnut

  • Melissa Fazli, Yorba Linda

  • Nancy West, Anaheim

  • Olivia Olona, Placentia

  • Pam Hollis, Yorba Linda

  • Sandra Morris, Diamond Bar

  • Tara Gray, Placentia

  • Vanessa Knapton, Brea

  • Veronica Merida, Long Beach

  • Kim Passaro, Fullerton

  • Tamika Sanchez, La Habra

  • Maria Chavez, Brea

  • Judy Smith, Fullerton

  • Melinda Villegas, La Habra

  • Anna Wu, Hacienda Heights

  • Vivian Jasso, Diamond Bar

  • Judy Collier, Hacienda Heights

  • Marie Hartsock Scheim, La Habra Heights

  • Janet Jones, Yorba Linda

  • Olga Viramantis, Placentia

  • Angela Lascari, La Habra Heights

  • Merlin Hazama, La Habra

  • Elizabeth Davis, Diamond Bar

  • Jiseon Kim, Chino Hills

  • Debra Alvarado, La Habra

  • Margaret Abanobi, Brea

  • Jennifer Egan, La Habra

  • Ann Shedden, La Habra Heights

  • Gloria Luna, La Habra

  • Maria Franco, La Habra

  • Christina Byrens, Yorba Linda

  • Rosetta Brisbane Browne, Anaheim

  • Caroline Peterson, Fullerton

  • Sophia Clauss, Yorba Linda

  • Judy Crog, Brea

  • Araceli Castillo-Parrales, Chino Hills

  • Julie Graydon, Yorba Linda

  • Christine Bryant, Diamond Bar

  • Becky Fartash, Placentia

  • Martha Martinez De Ita, Chino Hills

  • Gail Geoghegan, Chino Hills

  • Renee Gonyea, La Habra

  • Yolanda Mendoza, Fullerton

  • Jasmine Garcia, Chino Hills

  • Amy Rudometkin, Yorba Linda

  • Kriska Parda, Anaheim

  • Valeria Lee, Diamond Bar

  • Julie Taylor, Yorba Linda

  • Laura Moreno, Fullerton

  • Gloria Sanyaolu, Buena Park

  • Alice Jennifer Alegre, Placentia

  • Mikyung Kim, Diamond Bar

  • Regina Tran, Fullerton

  • Michelle Wampler, Anaheim

  • Susan Valentino, Placentia

  • Krishna Patel, Buena Park

  • Xochilt Rodriguez, La Habra

  • Chelsey Newcomb, Chino Hills

  • Anusha Durvesh, Diamond Bar


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